For the greater good, i was the sacrifice

You feed your heart
To the hungry
Promised a piece for every one
the savior of the town!

Do you remember?

You said your heart
belonged to me
when I looked down
there were only scrambles and bits

While you gave yourself
You didn’t see
The claws and teeth scraping
The heart they fed wasn’t

Just yours

it was also mine

If i try to put down in words

How do I put down in words,
When from loving you
My heart has multiplied–
A galaxy within me;
Each star singing a different song
Each star a reason why

How do I put down in words,
If I want the whole world to know
But every word falls short
When it comes to you;
You are the kindest most wonderful
Most noble always bright

If I try to put it down in words:
You have the biggest heart I know
Maybe my heart has multiplied
So I could be like you.

The Moon

I am sorry

I am morning dew this
second; lava in the next
Drown you in love now
can’t look at you after
Too little
too much
Never in between


know that I am stuck
in a dream. My reality
Know that my love is
never gone; only at times
tucked beneath the ugly

Collateral damage

I do not blame you
For the erosion of my being

It was me — I made you
The star, which i orbit

Our hearts squashed
Under the weight of my love

You were only
A collateral damage

Mr Right

Maybe god had planned somebody else
for me
Maybe with the right one it would finally
be easy
But darling for you, that I would
gladly miss

My Mr Right, whom I could’ve brushed past
on this street
where he and I should have met and fell
in love but instead
I was distracted by how in my hand
yours rightly fits

Darling for you, I would happily deliberately
He — maybe tall and bright and so called
my meant-to-be
But ah, look at you! Making painful effort
attending to my selfish whinings

So dear Mr meant-to-be, please do take
my sincere apology
I won’t be attending our date ’cause on
weekends I’m really busy
living, laughing, sharing life with him —
my best friend, lover, partner to eternity

With a broken soul, i will protect the whole of you

If knowing will hurt you,
I’ll never have you find
The truth about my broken soul

I’ll have my cuts under sleeves
And tears flowing inwards
I will protect the whole of you

Borrow your bad dreams

When you’re asleep I asked
if i could borrow your dark
dreams. And between palms
I’ll whisper and blow– a prayer;
like soothing a scared baby
I’ll send kisses where
there’s tantrum and sniffles.
This time when your past
returns, there will be no fear;
this time only with my love.