Mental Health Poetry Self-love


“Pain talks over other voices
Puts on a tint of dirt
How do you pay attention
With hissing in your ears?”

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Love Mental Health Poetry

Act of pain

Pain is a strange thing
Full of lies, it will be
Painting stories of tragedy
you will learn to believe

Into the role, perfectly
Pushing at you, screaming
Crying. A disgusting mess of
Madness and grief

Sorry I let the poison of pain
Swallow me; I forgot to see
Every time I clawed at you,
You’ve only responded with love


Love Poetry


Loneliness will dance around solemnly and then leave Anger will sit around stubbornly and then leave Pain will linger around a little longer, and leave Like everything else, guilt will probably leave?   I only hope that when all has departed, you’d still be here And there will be only you and I with all […]