Maybe I won’t be able to sleep
From tonight onwards

Alone I would be
As how I was on every sleepless night
Alone I would be
Every night, from tonight

Did you know?
One is the loneliest when awake
Trying, yet
Unable to drift away

Even with your calm breathing next to me
Alone I would be, actually even more
Stuck in this reality
Unable to join you, and the rest of the world
In a parallel universe
Where everyday ends


Love or Anxiety?

Is it love or anxiety
that took the air out of my ribs
taught my heart a mad dance
and has invisible hands that
embrace me at my neck?


I know I’ll be okay, with you

Leap off the cliff into mist of uncertainty
I know it’ll be okay, it’ll be okay
If it’s with you

And whatever the future may bring
I know it’s okay, it’s okay
Because it’s with you

Even if darkness finds me again
I know I’m okay, I’m okay
Because I’m with you

For you I wished a list of things

For you , I’ve wished I could:

Throw a tantrum when you clumsily bruise my tender heart
Cry in your arms when I need more affection
Tell you what’s wrong when asked
Forget after a hug
To be less sad
To be normal
To be just
like you