“Favourite Things” Wallpaper

I created this wallpaper (download link below!) comprising of all my favourite things, when I was customising my new home iPhone (ios 14) home page.



your existence is enough

mayhap, your fingertips cannot manifest a birth of a star, but darling, dare gleam. inhale your poetries and carve them inside my tongue. breathe to me the universe, breathe for me.

(Submitted by @honeyedlemonjuice)

Poetry Self-love

What you love

Exit the parade
What you love will bare themselves
Amid what remains



“Calm Heart” Wallpaper

As the wise Chinese saying goes, 心静自然凉. That means, a calm heart keeps you cool. ☺️


Love Poetry


Trees and bushes brim with ribbons
Some fallen to the path like polka dots
The sun sprinkled on layer of glitter
My heart glows pink and yellow

Poetry Self-love


Like flowers — unfazed,
unreserved to show their grace;
Let your colours bloom.


Mental Health Poetry Self-love


“Pain talks over other voices
Puts on a tint of dirt
How do you pay attention
With hissing in your ears?”

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Love Poetry

Opposites and all

Some of us are a little broken
A crack in the bucket
The faith leaks out

Some of us, filled
before first words
Overflowing and eager

Guess we need each other
Opposites and all
Zelda and Zoe


Mental Health Poetry Self-love


I live life like in a sprint—
A lighted matchstick
Stuffed all of myself in every strike
I could not repeat anything twice
Each day, I become a little less

But dirty dishes and laundry ground me
They taught me that life is ongoing
(They taught me rest)
It is everyday; it is in the breath I take
No matter how sick or tired,
I’d draw in one more breath

So enjoy the ride
In this merry go round
Keeping alive is never wasted time


Love Poetry Self-love

How about we take some god damn responsibility?

How long more are we going to cry
For the world to balance up
Like an empty seesaw on standstill
Shhh, no one moves

For people to be this, but also that
Never mind it contradicts
Never mind that we are all the same—
Balls of wool herd to either sides of fence

How long more will we fall
And blame the ground for the bruise
Accuse the crowd of pushing;
Our parents, for giving us feeble legs

We can circle the game of victimisation
Spend eternal inspecting the manual
Or, take some god damn responsibility
and we start living.