We’re not here to fix anything

It is not important — the reasons
we are the way we are this moment

At this instance I only know
we are tearing at each other

I, compressing at air
You, forcing a shape out of fire

My job is not to fix you
Nor you for me

As you are born to be free
And me, to set the city on fire

Poem written with your body

I trace along the curve of your neck

(Please never leave me)

Touch my lips to the your crown

(Please never leave me)

Breathe in the scent of your cheeks

(Please never leave me)

Draw circles in on your arms

(I love you, please never leave me)

Disparity is only louder

I know I like to question
Mark our differences in red
Remarks: People are drawn to the similar

But underlying I think I know
We are more akin than not
Note-to-self: disparity is only louder

I wished for only one thing

What I want is simple:
I want you to be happy

You said you love me
You’d give me anything
(Yourself you claimed,
don’t mean nothing)

But darling don’t you see?
You gave relentlessly
Yet you don’t grant
The one thing I wished

You said you love me
You’d give me anything
I want you to be happy
Darling, don’t you see?

Like a story i wish it never ends

I cannot watch a movie twice
Or read my favourite book a second time
But I can look at your face
Like a story, I wish it never ends