mental health


Too bored to stay awake
Too dreadful to sleep
In the between, I lay



Most are afraid of the truth
Me, the uncertainty
What a scary world it is
If you can no longer trust
The words they swear by



I am a spirit of fire
Trapped in a broken toy

Look how I burn up
The shell is bound to spoil

This kind of Fahrenheit
Not meant to be kept inside

Set it free
Here my beloved home shall lie


Let it pass

If the pain comes
drink it up
When it goes
Let it pass



I am a ball of helium
tied with a string —


Grief. What is grief?
Is it wallowing miserably in your belief,
No matter how hopeless it seems?
Even when your dreams are splitting at the seams?

A howl echoes from the depths.
A dagger pierces my heart.
The pain reverberates all around me.
With no one to let me be.

All of my actions are scrutinised in detail.
Like the clothes in a retail.
Like an untamable creature longing to be liberated from its agony.
Instead of being observed like a mahogany.

Rain, rain pour down on me.
Drown me in your embrace and set me free.
Set me free from my bereavement.
Ah, ah, the tears pour endlessly
As life goes on relentlessly.

(submitted by Elizabeth)

Learned helplessness

You’d eventually learn
That it is a long, long time
To await for day break

You’d understand
Your consciousness is futile
As it is paralysing

Cruising the edge of
Insanity, blurring lines of
Dream and reality

The rhythm of blood
Pumping at your ears, mocking
The count down of eternity

You’d eventually believe
Trapped in a forever present
Like a dream you cannot awake — an irony

In this dream,
You are alone.
And alone, you will always be.



I only wanted to be free
Live against the gravity
Infinite, the colour white — I am sunlight!

But if I am light
I cannot love the shadows
How can I fly? With half body heavy in soil

Each of them
Formed a vein and spread like roots
I am no sunlight, I am only a sunflower


Sadness is a lonely thing

Open gaps and wounds
Better put a sleeve over it
Nobody is going to kiss it better

Somber songs and stories
Better play it on your earpiece
There isn’t solace in apathetic ears

Even when they love you
Nobody likes a sad person
Oh, Sadness. Sadness is a lonely thing.



Does darkness deserve light?
Could the desert bloom?
Do I have a chance?



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