Air and Fire

It is not important — the why
we are the way we are this instance

I, compressing at air 
you, taming fire

But our job is not to water down,
mold till we reflect each other

For you are born to be infinite
and I, to paint the city orange in colour



Me, at times, wanders by myself
On known lanes, or some unknown tracks
Me, at times, can’t get out of mazes
Me, at times,
in the mid of a monsoon rain.

We, at times, wander by ourselves
The lane you know, me not
Buildings you drew and songs you shared
Or vice versa, some sounds of the day

(Submitted by Jennifer)


While the world leaves me cold
and blue, I seek to you
like sitting close
a fireplace, you put
back warmth in my fingertips


Poem written with your body

I trace along the curve of your neck
(Please never leave me)

Touch my lips to the your crown
(Please never leave me)

Breathe in the scent of your cheeks
(Please never leave me)

Draw circles in on your arms
(I love you, please never leave me)


Not for myself but you

And I see myself
Doing things I’d never
I could do

Not even for myself
I see me perform
For you


Act of pain

Pain is a strange thing
Full of lies, it will be
Painting stories of tragedy
you will learn to believe

Into the role, perfectly
Pushing at you, screaming
Crying. A disgusting mess of
Madness and grief

Sorry I let the poison of pain
Swallow me; I forgot to see
Every time I clawed at you,
You’ve only responded with love


This time, you mattered

You are most afraid of indifference,
but I am scared
of affection.

Hugging the spinning blades
of a fan
adding speed, fingers white
it can take you on
a slow ride
or throw you
across, from a height
but as long it keeps on spinning
it shouldn’t matter
it didn’t.

I, on the other hand
will cut
the rope, dance into flames
nothing i will grasp, trust
to hold me
nothing i will let, bite me
but myself
as long as in solitary
it shouldn’t matter
it didn’t —

but you did.


Disparity is only louder

I know I like to question
Mark our differences in red
Remarks: People are drawn to the similar

But underlying I think I know
We are more akin than not
Note-to-self: disparity is only louder


“i miss you”

I wrote a letter
added a tune
maybe the birds
could sing it to you

there’s not much written
it was only three words
in the middle of the paper
“i miss you”



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