“Favourite Things” Wallpaper

I created this wallpaper (download link below!) comprising of all my favourite things, when I was customising my new home iPhone (ios 14) home page.


“Calm Heart” Wallpaper

As the wise Chinese saying goes, 心静自然凉. That means, a calm heart keeps you cool. ☺️


Colouring Sheet: Where Forgotten Dreams Go

We had so much fun writing the poem and drawing this, that we made a free-to-download colouring sheet for everyone! Simply print out and colour, or download to colour digitally. 🙂 Download button is below!

See original IG post here.


“Have a little light” Wallpaper

We made this so everyone can bring along with them a little fire whereever they go. Enjoy! <3

“Hey, I think you’re lovely” Wallpaper

This one was a Valentine’s special, but tbh a lil reminder to show some love to yourself is important every other day. 🙂