Protect you

I watch you sleep
And hold your hands
Kiss your moan
And cease your frown

I watch you sleep
And know that I can
not protect you
From yourself

I watch you sleep
And really wish I can
“I love you”
I can only hold your hands

The Moon

I am sorry

I am morning dew this
second; lava in the next
Drown you in love now
can’t look at you after
Too little
too much
Never in between


know that I am stuck
in a dream. My reality
Know that my love is
never gone; only at times
tucked beneath the ugly

Collateral damage

I do not blame you
For the erosion of my being

It was me — I made you
The star, which i orbit

Our hearts squashed
Under the weight of my love

You were only
A collateral damage

With a broken soul, i will protect the whole of you

If knowing will hurt you,
I’ll never have you find
The truth about my broken soul

I’ll have my cuts under sleeves
And tears flowing inwards
I will protect the whole of you


Maybe I won’t be able to sleep
From tonight onwards

Alone I would be
As how I was on every sleepless night
Alone I would be
Every night, from tonight

Did you know?
One is the loneliest when awake
Trying, yet
Unable to drift away

Even with your calm breathing next to me
Alone I would be, actually even more
Stuck in this reality
Unable to join you, and the rest of the world
In a parallel universe
Where everyday ends

Love or Anxiety?

Is it love or anxiety
that took the air out of my ribs
taught my heart a mad dance
and has invisible hands that
embrace me at my neck?