Love Poetry

The nature’s song

I hear the trees greet me
When I am down the wind pick me
up, she envelopes and tickles

The clouds dance with the sun
in their best outfits, a perfect balance
of shadow and glimmer

Together they make a song
“It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay”
they sang it to me over and over

Call me mad; but the nature
has always comforted me
in ways nothing else was able.


Love Poetry


Trees and bushes brim with ribbons
Some fallen to the path like polka dots
The sun sprinkled on layer of glitter
My heart glows pink and yellow

Love Poetry

Opposites and all

Some of us are a little broken
A crack in the bucket
The faith leaks out

Some of us, filled
before first words
Overflowing and eager

Guess we need each other
Opposites and all
Zelda and Zoe


Love Poetry Self-love

How about we take some god damn responsibility?

How long more are we going to cry
For the world to balance up
Like an empty seesaw on standstill
Shhh, no one moves

For people to be this, but also that
Never mind it contradicts
Never mind that we are all the same—
Balls of wool herd to either sides of fence

How long more will we fall
And blame the ground for the bruise
Accuse the crowd of pushing;
Our parents, for giving us feeble legs

We can circle the game of victimisation
Spend eternal inspecting the manual
Or, take some god damn responsibility
and we start living.


Love Mental Health Poetry Self-love

A Happy Poem

Warm and tender
Skin to skin
Touch to my fingertips

Bright room and morning air
Skin to sheets
Quiet awakening of city

I can too
write a happy poem
When I recall
the start of my days


Love Poetry

Shame, shame, shame

Shame, shame, shame
When real life exceeds what we make up
in horror screens

Shame, shame, shame
Those badged with the honour of protector
use their muscles to break, to murder

Shame, shame, shame
Terror and brutality roam the streets
in rubber bullets and pepper sprays

Could it be, we’re living a reality within dream
When can i wake up,


Love Poetry Self-love

Air and Fire

It is not important — the why
we are the way we are this instance

I, compressing at air 
you, taming fire

But our job is not to water down,
mold till we reflect each other

For you are born to be infinite
and I, to paint the city orange in colour


Love Poetry


Me, at times, wanders by myself
On known lanes, or some unknown tracks
Me, at times, can’t get out of mazes
Me, at times,
in the mid of a monsoon rain.

We, at times, wander by ourselves
The lane you know, me not
Buildings you drew and songs you shared
Or vice versa, some sounds of the day

(Submitted by Jennifer)

Love Poetry


While the world leaves me cold
and blue, I seek to you
like sitting close
a fireplace, you put
back warmth in my fingertips


Love Poetry

Poem written with your body

I trace along the curve of your neck
(Please never leave me)

Touch my lips to the your crown
(Please never leave me)

Breathe in the scent of your cheeks
(Please never leave me)

Draw circles in on your arms
(I love you, please never leave me)