Act of pain

Pain is a strange thing
Full of lies, it will be
Painting stories of tragedy
you will learn to believe

Into the role, perfectly
Pushing at you, screaming
Crying. A disgusting mess of
Madness and grief

Sorry I let the poison of pain
Swallow me; I forgot to see
Every time I clawed at you,
You’ve only responded with love


This time, you mattered

You are most afraid of indifference,
but I am scared
of affection.

Hugging the spinning blades
of a fan
adding speed, fingers white
it can take you on
a slow ride
or throw you
across, from a height
but as long it keeps on spinning
it shouldn’t matter
it didn’t.

I, on the other hand
will cut
the rope, dance into flames
nothing i will grasp, trust
to hold me
nothing i will let, bite me
but myself
as long as in solitary
it shouldn’t matter
it didn’t —

but you did.


I wished for only one thing

What I want is simple:
I want you to be happy

You said you love me
You’d give me anything
(Yourself you claimed,
don’t mean nothing)

But darling don’t you see?
You gave relentlessly
Yet you don’t grant
The one thing I wished

You said you love me
You’d give me anything
I want you to be happy
Darling, don’t you see?