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The nature’s song

I hear the trees greet me
When I am down the wind pick me
up, she envelopes and tickles

The clouds dance with the sun
in their best outfits, a perfect balance
of shadow and glimmer

Together they make a song
“It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay”
they sang it to me over and over

Call me mad; but the nature
has always comforted me
in ways nothing else was able.


your existence is enough

mayhap, your fingertips cannot manifest a birth of a star, but darling, dare gleam. inhale your poetries and carve them inside my tongue. breathe to me the universe, breathe for me.

(Submitted by @honeyedlemonjuice)


I cling to Saturdays
In fear of it passing by
Like a kid savouring candy —
Returning half to wrapper
Tucking it in the pocket to melt



Trees and bushes brim with ribbons
Some fallen to the path like polka dots
The sun sprinkled on layer of glitter
My heart glows pink and yellow



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